We love breeding new strains!


Dream Girl

Dream Girl was our first cross we introduced to Oregon’s recreational cannabis market.  Our Girl Scout Cookie mother was sprinkled with Blue Dream pollen to create many beautiful phenotypes.  Dream Girl was one of three sisters we decided to keep in production and continue breeding.

Dream Girl has tested at 28% for THC content and  and is rich in terpenes with 2.698%.

Dream Girl


M1-56 started with Landrace Sativa seeds donated by a family member who collected seeds since the 70’s.  One male sprouted out of dozens and it was a perfect Christmas tree sativa plant.   That was then crossed with Super Silver Haze and came out as a beautiful sativa.  The M1-56 showed recessive traits early on and was a clear standout among roughly 500 seeds.  We are still hunting through the rest of those, but this one was a clear winner.

M1-56 tested at 23.32% and terpenes came in at 2.405%.